Green Dad recommends...

Andygeddon - (In the voice of Mark Cousins) "This is a blog about fillums."

Better Nation - One for political anoraks. I'll get my coat...

David Byrne - That's right. The ex-Talking Head and bicycle fanatic.

Cinema Nairn - My baby. Although I couldn't have done it alone. I'd like to thank the Academy, the two doctors who assisted with the delivery (Halliday and Noble) and the magic in the air in the Sunniest Town in Scotland...

Feexby - Bombastic, circumlocutory, fustian, garrulous, grandiloquent and periphrastic Wordsmith and Philosopher in Chief of Inversneck.

The Gurn From Nurn - News and views (often hilarious) from the Brighton of the North.

Inverness Book Festival - Another of my babies!

The Nairn Birder - Seamus will sweep you up with the sheer excitement of spotting a tufted duck!

Notes from a Small Isle - AKA Vikkipedia. A blog about ponies, midgies and life on a West Coast nature reserve.

Pop Will Eat Himself - Thank heavens I'm not the only one blogging about the bizarreness of being a dad.

Scottish Greens - Made in Scotland from Greens.

Sustainable Cities Collective - The world's best thinkers on the urban future, apparently. Deep stuff. Worth dipping into.

Tabloid Watch - Ever wonder how much of what you see in the red tops is true? Your jaw will drop when you read this blog.