About me

Hi! I'm Jason Rose (Green Dad).

I live in Musselburgh (The Honest Toun) with my wife (Wife-features) and young daughter (The Bairn).

I'm a member of the Scottish Greens and was the party's candidate at the last Westminster election, increasing our share of the vote.

I've campaigned on issues including air pollution and traffic congestion, the need for better further education provision for local school leavers, and I'm concerned at the prospect of coal gasification off our coast.

I’m a member of Friends of Musselburgh Links and would love to see the Levenhall lagoons properly restored, handed back to the community and given Local Nature Reserve status. I’m a member of Fisherrow Waterfront Group and see great potential for enhancing the community and tourism opportunities there.

I feel strongly about cycling provision and rail services. I'm a member of the East Lothian Cycle Forum and the East Lothian Community Rail Partnership.

Do get in touch if you feel there are local issues I can help raise: jason.rose @ scottishgreens.org.uk. I always welcome comments via Twitter and Facebook.



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