Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Few Remaining Sections Of Green Space To Be Swallowed Up?

Last week Edinburgh City Council approved its Local Development Plan.

My Green colleagues on Edinburgh council voted against it. I recommend the wise words of Nigel Bagshaw here. He rightly highlighted poor air quality, congestion, and pressure on local infrastructure.

Thousands of homes are now set to be built in areas including up to 595 houses at Newcraighall and 1,330 at Brunstane, both of which border Musselburgh.

Residents have warned that acres of precious greenbelt will be lost, roads gridlocked, and local services will struggle.

My own view is that given the existing problems in Musselburgh town centre with traffic congestion and air pollution I am concerned that Edinburgh city council has earmarked development nearby without considering the impact on East Lothian's biggest town. 

I am also concerned that East Lothian Council doesn't appear to have made representations on the city's plan - or if it has it has kept quiet about it. I certainly couldn't find anything on either council's website.
It doesn't seem like there's been much joined up thinking between the authorities. Musselburgh is clearly part of the wider Edinburgh city region. (I know we like our "independence" but we have to be honest about the connection to the city.) However, we shouldn't allow the few remaining sections of farmland and green space between our communities to be swallowed up when the city itself has alternative sites it can explore.

The LDP now goes to the Scottish Government for "examination". Let's see what that brings.


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