Friday, 29 November 2013

Harmfully Compromising Integrity

What’s the score with East Lothian Council and its anti-wind attitude? I’ve been told by some that it’s one of the most anti local authorities in the country, and they’re at it again.

They turned down an application for a turbine at Queen Margaret University – a decision thankfully being appealed – on the wacky basis that it would make people forget Arthur’s Seat existed. They turned down an application for a community-owned turbine near Dunbar which would have generated funds for the town, with local councillors expressing delight at the crushing of a community’s hopes. And now they’re recommending refusal of one wee turbine (34 metres from base to blade tip) that would generate some renewable power for a farm near Pencaitland. Why?

Loads of objections? Nope. Just one.

MoD/aviation concerns? No.

Permanent removal of agricultural land? No.

Noisy? No.

Overbearing on nearest residential properties? No.

Unacceptable impact on water environment? No.

Danger to passing traffic? No.

Danger to wildlife? No.

What then?

Well, you’d be able to see it from the Pencaitland crossroads.

I’m not kidding. Seriously. That’s the reason given for recommending refusal. The officials actually state it would “draw from the focus of the Law (Traprain Law, a hill and quarry some 9 miles to the east) harmfully compromising the integrity of it as a highly valued landmark natural feature.” 

I happen to have a photo from a bike ride looking back to Traprain from the Pencaitland Crossroads. I'll let you draw your own conclusion.
See the wee dimple on the left? Its integrity is under threat!

Let’s remember East Lothian Council is actively lobbying for a dual A1, a bigger Edinburgh city bypass, another fossil fuel power plant at Cockenzie and another nuclear power plant at Dunbar. Harmfully compromising integrity? What a bunch of jokers.

I wonder if any of East Lothian’s 23 elected members will be bold enough to challenge this sort of clowning around when the planning committee meets on Tuesday to determine the application.

Never mind accusations of Nimby (not in my back yard), has East Lothian Council gone BANANAs? (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody.)   

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