Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jings! Crivvens! The Answer, Boab, Isnae Blowin’ In The Wind

I don’t know if you saw the survey in the Sunday Post (I’m a big Broons fans so never miss an issue) at the start of the month about wind farms. It made the following claims:

    ·        70% are concerned by how much is spent on wind power
    ·        72% worry at turbines’ impact on areas of natural beauty
    ·        54% worry about wind farms’ impact on tourism
    ·        32% think there are already too many turbines
    ·        60% are concerned by turbines’ efficiency
    ·        82% are concerned about wind farms’ impact on fuel bills

This anti-wind group have helpfully posted it on their website as the Sunday Post aren‘t exactly “with it“ on the web.

Of course it’s useful to have some context, such as how many people were surveyed, what was their demographic make up and what questions were they asked. No such details were available in the article.

I’m genuinely intrigued because the answers are about ‘worry’ and ‘concern’ rather than belief or knowledge. And if 32 per cent of however-many-were-surveyed think there are already too many turbines, does that mean 68 per cent aren’t fussed or indeed think there should be loads more?

I asked the Sunday Post if I could see the survey details. Interestingly the survey was carried out by a company called Yourviewk.com, which it turns out is owned by DC Thomson who own the Sunday Post. (It is also worth remembering DC Thomson’s clients include Donald Trump whose naughty adverts appeared in their publications earlier in the year.)

Well, help m’boab. I’ve been told by the Sunday Post “the survey is part of our own research and is to stay confidential.”

I’ll leave you to sook on a pan drop and consider that.

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