Monday, 23 July 2012

Things We Learned On Our Highland Holiday

It’s been six months since the flit from Nairn to Musselburgh and our trip back to the Highlands last week was an emotional rollercoaster, seeing what had and had not changed in that time.

What’s changed?

Lots of Nairn town centre eyesores are being demolished at long last.
There’s an Asda in Inverness. I’m sure their grand opening went well. Oh. Er…
Imperial Records in the Victorian Market is open again! Glad Mr Stumbles (his real name) is on the mend.
The old job centre in Inverness High St is now a cash converters. Yikes.
The Mill Road Allotments in Nairn are bigger and greener than ever. I miss my plot. Sniff!

What hasn’t changed?

The Highland News still likes photos of scantily clad young ladies.
Tich McCooey still urges drivers to ‘take it easy and mind how you go’ on Moray Firth Radio.
Hootananny still does a great pint of Red Kite and thai green curry. It still has wobbly chairs and the tables are still removed for “the dancing” at 9.30.
The buses are rubbish. £1.55 to get from one bit of Inverness to another? Bus stops with no timetables and no information displays. No direct bus from Raigmore hospital to Nairn?
Girvan’s still does the most extraordinary toffee cream meringues. Mmm.

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