Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Bunting Is Up!

In fact is has been up for over a week now.

Musselburgh Festival is in full swing, which involved lots of horseplay through the river and down the High Street last night. Toddler slept right through the return of the horses (hundreds of them) accompanied by a pipe band despite them passing her bedroom window.

I also loved the fact that a council street sweeping machine followed the parade, scooping the poop. I was half tempted to run out with a shovel to claim some for the tatties in our garden!

We can't wait to see the fancy dress parade on Friday. (My gran was in a similar parade of lorry floats in another part of East Lothian a couple of decades ago and tells me she won first prize for her Hawaiian theme. The thought of my granny in a grass skirt makes my head swim.)

You can find out more about the Honest Toun Festival here.

It's great to live in a community with fun traditions.

Nairn has its magnificent Farm Show and a wonderful Highland Games, both of which I'll miss this summer for the first time in ages.

Many years ago I lived in the Borders where every town has a Common Riding, similar to Musselburgh's outbreak of flagwaving and jodhpurs. I vividly remember walking through the streets of Selkirk at 5.45am singing Hail Smiling Morn with a brass band followed by Bucks Fizz for breakfast. Safe oot, safe in...

And I worked in Orkney for a while where at Christmas there's The Ba' Game between the Uppies and the Doonies. They do a similar "game" in Duns, where I used to live. Shopkeepers are strongly advised to board their windows!

Edinburgh's on our doorstep and is about to explode with festivals. But I've always preferred small town life. In short, where there's bunting there's a good place to live.

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