Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tar Very Much

So, six months in Musselburgh and I've already made my mark. Literally.

Cycling to work the other morning I avoided crossing the busy main road to Edinburgh and followed the official cycle route which involves mounting pavements and going under a very low arch of the Rennie Bridge next to the River Esk. You have to duck to avoid decapitation even when you're walking and during the recent flood the archway filled up with mud.

I emerged and followed the pavement rather than jumping back onto the road because there were works lorries and guys in high-vis vests doing something. As I cycled along the path I became aware of lots of shouting and pointing.

It sounded like they were yelling "otter" (having spotted wildlife in the river?) but eventually I realised they were pointing at me and shouting "hot tar".

A quick glance down and sure enough the pavement was slicker and shinier than usual. What little tread there had been on my ancient bike tyres had truly gone and I arrived at work picking little black balls out of my hair and off my shirt.

Now I think about it there was a flimsy plastic barrier on part of the path after the bridge arch but it was easy to bypass. There was a sign at the far end of the works warning of tarring - I noticed it as I sped away from the scene of my idiocy. If only there had been one at the end I'd approached from.

Council budgets being under the pressure they are, I doubt this pavement will get resurfaced for a generation, resulting in this rut becoming a local landmark. Behold! Green Dad's Folly.

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