Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Olympic Image To Make You Fizz

Spotted in a High Street window in Musselburgh today.

It is a superb rendition of the Rennie Bridge and the babbling River Esk, with a suitably sporty looking torchbearer.

As I type, the poor kid responsible is having the front door of their house bust open by a crack squad from Lord Coe's Copyright Infringement Commandos.

Intriguing to see the Olympic legacy, or at least impression, left for the young creator of this great wee bit of art: a van advertising the multinational sugary drinks manufacturer sponsoring the event.

On the day the torch came to the Honest Toun the streets were lined with kids, many of them waving inflatable adverts for a mobile phone firm while chocolate bars were dished out by another sponsor. And every cafe and food shop in town seemed to be emblazoned with the red marketing materials of our fizzy pop pals.

Is it just me or is it all a teeny tiny bit inappropriate? I could get really heavy and point out that those dodgy geezers Dow Chemicals are also sponsoring.

But let's stay positive - more homemade pictures in shop windows please! And kids, if you're tempted to render a corporate logo, just say no.

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