Friday, 29 June 2012

“There are fewer views of the sea than one expected.”

I hope this will be my last post about Donald Trump’s harebrained golf project for a while. The official tee-off is on the 10th of July and frankly I’m losing the will to live thinking about it.

Golf World magazine (this week’s guest publication on Green Dad) gives the Menie course a glowing review, albeit with some startling observations.

They say: “There are fewer views of the sea than one expected.” Which of course begs the question why trumpety Trump is making such a hoo-ha about the proposed offshore renewable energy test centre.

The reviewer bizarrely says the area is “protected wetland housing many species of birds. It was easy to see why Trump and Hawtree were so keen to use it.” Um. Okay.

And Trump claims the development has been “done in a very sensitive way. We didn’t rip up the dunes.”

The course’s official website gave me a chuckle. Check out the section on dress code:

“Golf slacks or Bermuda length shorts with socks for ladies and gentlemen. Collared shirts or appropriate mock and turtle-neck shirts must be worn at all times. Caps shall be worn in the traditional manner, with the bill facing forward and must be removed before entering the Clubhouse. No sandals or flip flops are permitted in or around the Clubhouse.”

By all means devastate a unique swathe of Scotland’s environment but heaven’s above, dude, turn your Burberry skip the right way round!

I’d like to think even the most ardent golf fan (resplendent in Bermuda shorts and a turtle-neck shirt) will be put off by the extreme CGI nature of the course. Look at the photos. Did Ridley Scott design it? This is anything but natural and traditional – two words that Trump likes to use.

But if you’re still interested don’t panic - there’s plenty of tee-time available just a few days after the official opening. It seems this course is proving as attractive as a lacquered combover.

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