Monday, 23 April 2012

Soup-er Appetite

Purple sprouting broccoli? Angus down the road grows it. Lovely and fresh. All organic stuff you know. Just gently steam it. Super stuff.

Ah, the perils of the hard sell at the farm shop. As a result Toddler and I are now hooked on purple sprouting broccoli. Top tip: buy it from a farm shop. It was pennies, local, fresh and organic. The stuff I’ve seen in the supermarkets is from far away, overpackaged and overpriced.

Bizarrely, it tastes of cauliflower. Speaking of which, I’ll be making cauliflower soup this week. Not terribly newsworthy you’d think but au contraire...

Toddler now eats soup! This is seriously a major development for us. We’ve tried on and off over the years to get her to sup a wee bowl of easy-on-the-tastebuds homemade broth, leek and tattie, carrot, etc but with no joy. But thanks to a good friend – Auntie Yogo JoYo – paying a visit and making a butternut squash soup Toddler took to it with gusto. We’ve kept at the soup strategy and it seems ‘dipping’ with bread to begin with followed by soaking bread to make ‘soupy bread’ mouthfuls works a treat.

Of course if she had her way Toddler would live on Empire Biscuits and Luca’s strawberry ice cream. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so I blame me. In solidarity we try to restrict sweet treats to weekends.

Interestingly the last time I was in a gargantuan supermarket I noticed separate aisles for ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals and those for children. Why aren’t they the same thing? I shudder when I think back to how many bowls of Frosties I must have consumed as a nipper. Both my folks had false teeth so from an early age I was terrified into looking after my gnashers. Toddler is very much in a routine of brushing first thing and last thing.

Oh, and we negotiated our way through choc-o-tastic Easter without any worries. Wife-features happened to be paying her dentist a visit and his advice was brilliant, if somewhat counter intuitive. Apparently the damage is done to your teeth during the first few bites of chocolate. Once they’re coated any more chocolate you gorge on just goes down your gullet. If you try to restrict kids by spacing out their eggs and buttons over a few days it’s worse than allowing them to binge in one or two sessions. After all, they will fill up and often not finish what they’ve got.

So there you have it. Fill your face with as much chocolate as you can stomach. As recommended by an expert. I forget his name. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Wonka.   

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