Monday, 23 April 2012

Let The Wind Blow High, Let The Wind Blow Low For Donald

You know those job interviews where you’re asked to list your top personal achievements? Invariably faced with such an Apprentice-like scenario my mind goes blank. I think the last time I was asked about a significant and satisfying achievement I babbled something about sewers and CCTV. (Testament to my varied and illustrious career path.)

This week’s hullabaloo over The Donald makes me realise how proud I was when we screened You’ve Been Trumped, an award-winning documentary about his idiotic golf resort in Aberdeenshire, at Cinema Nairn. It involved getting the OK from the director himself, negotiating a fee and arranging to personally collect the film on BluRay along with a BluRay player from Inverness. (I am indebted to Impresario Paul at Eden Court for the loan of the machine and cables.)

In the end it was a great success and certainly awakened a number of golf-loving SNP-supporting folk to a horrendous situation on their doorstep. Both at the Nairn and Inverness screenings the chat afterwards was a sense of disbelief that the development hadn’t prompted protests, people chaining themselves to bulldozers and furious letters to editors. Maybe if it had been closer to the central belt the media coverage and political reaction would be have been different.

The dunes of Menie have now been wrecked. I was looking at photos of the golf course the other night and they looked like CGI. The flawless green greens seem so unreal you expect a James Cameron avatar to slither out and start putting.

Fans/Sufferers of Green Dad will know I can’t stand wind farm NIMBYs and climate change deniers so I look forward to this week’s media circus being over and done with. Of course whatever happens Trump is unlikely to shut his frighteningly large gob. And the wind farm NIMBYs will continue to show up at planning meetings with badly composed placards, photocopies of Daily Mail and Telegraph articles and googly eyes from having sat up all night reading conspiracy theories about ‘global warming’ on the internet.

At the root of all this is the need for renewable energy to replace finite, dirty and dangerous sources of fuel. The NIMBYs want a moratorium on wind but when you jab them about an alternative the best they can suggest is thorium which is decades away from being thinkable. In the meantime they presumably want us to mine more coal, drill more oil and gas and keep churning out nuclear waste that lasts longer than humans have been around.

This is Scotland. Land of wind, waves, water and occasionally the sun. We owe it to forthcoming generations to make the most of what we’ve got and not be distracted by vested short-term interests and the misinformed.

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