Monday, 23 April 2012

A Kid That Doesn't Cheat? No Kidding!

So it was Toddler’s 3rd birthday the other day and my Gran – that is Toddler’s Great Gran – gave her lots of lovely gifts including a very simple game: Snakes and Ladders.

It is often the simple things that occupy little people best. For example, Toddler has recently gone crazy for games of ‘driving’ that involve holding a plastic plate and being told to respond to imaginary road conditions. Speed bump! Red light! Pigeon poo on the windscreen! Inadequate reinstatement by utility contractor!

She also occupied herself for about an hour the other day putting tissues in a box, bringing them to us to see, taking them away to be removed from the box only for the whole scene to be repeated many, many, many times.

Toddler has perfected her Snakes and Ladders game – she now blows on the dice for luck before rolling it.

A recent game was taking ages thanks to several trips down a snake but eventually it looked like I would win. Fearing a wobbly bottom lip from a losing Toddler I hatched a cunning plan to give her a chance to get ahead. During a moment of distraction and after she’d just taken a turn I handed the dice back to her and said confidently it was her go. She looked at the dice, then me. The dice was pressed into my hands. No, Daddy. (Complete with a scrunched up face clearly implying my thickness.) It’s your turn. Come on!

No sign of corruption yet? Can she really be the daughter of someone who works in politics?

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