Sunday, 26 February 2012

Retail Park? Retail Tundra More Like

Cycling into Edinburgh the other day I was listening to a radio debate about out of town supermarkets and whether they are killing the high street. Er, yes, would be the answer to that.

My regular route takes me past this sad sight.

Massive sheds that used to sell cheap tat, handy for the bypass with loads of free parking.

Of course everything's on line these days. But it's worth remembering some on line retailers are dodgy and as I've blogged before, if something's cheap you can bet somebody or something is paying the price.

Just recently I jacked in our subscription to a certain DVD rental service. (You may be familiar with it if you love film. Ahem.) They're owned by an online giant named after a South American river and it turns out they don't pay their taxes in this country despite being lauded by the SNP government for building some warehouses here.

Anyway, Wife-features and I just don't have the time to regularly watch DVDs and I can't be trusted not to overload the rental list with bonkers David Lynch stuff or experimental Hungarian documentaries. It was literally pennies per week but I felt it best to cancel. Blimey it was like pulling teeth getting the account stopped.

You can't cancel on line - you have to dial a special number. The call handler then asked me why I was cancelling so I explained even though I didn't see why I had to. She then said she'd reduce our subscription to see if that worked better. No, I want to cancel.

Okay, how about we freeze the account for a couple of months and call you back to review? No, I want to cancel.

Are you sure? Really sure? Oh, right. Well, I just need to access a bit of the system I've not used before...

The upshot? We have a cupboard brimming with DVDs we own and which given the thinning out process before we moved must surely be the cream of the crop, the ones to watch, the definite keepers. We plan to work our way through them over the course of the year and the ones not viewed come Christmas will be exiting stage left.

Maybe we could set up a shop to flog them? Somewhere handy for the bypass with free parking...

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