Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Joy Of Junk

Since the flit we've been on something of a declutter and buy secondhand kick.

We did try before moving getting shot of hoardes of stuff. Loads of books, DVDs and CDs were packed off and we left behind some chunky items of furniture to lighten our load. In the end it took two trips in a massive Transit van and a few car journeys with the family chug-a-bug packed to the gunwales before we got everything down the road.

Being Green we tend to think a wee bit more about the implications of our purchases and it seems crazy to buy something new just because it's cheap when of course there's probably an existing item for the same price or less only without the newness. And when something's really cheap you just know somebody somewhere or some bit of the planet (you know, the only one we've got) is paying for it.

We almost buckled during a trip round a certain cut price Scandanavian furniture goliath but in the end ate pickled fish in the canteen and picked up a pack of t-lights for a friend.

By going secondhand we got a kitchen table and chairs for less than half a ton and a sturdy wardrobe for Toddler for a pony. Lovely jubbly.

We couldn't resist visiting a junk shop at Prestonpans recommended to us and the picture you see here was the highlight for me. Among the dusty copies of Black Lace by Agadoo, hallway telephone tables and paisley patterned recliners was a stereo system in a wooden cabinet complete with twin cassette desk and ... wait for it ... soft eject!

I only had to show Toddler once how it worked and she was addicted for a good ten minutes. Oh for the days when you physically had to shove a thing into a thing and rely on mechanical parts moving to make it work. Remember when tapes would unspool and you'd use a pencil to wind it back in?

Among the ephemera that survived our decluttering was my turntable. I can't wait to see Toddler's face when I show her how to line up a vinyl record. Let's face it - pressing buttons on a screen is boring!

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