Saturday, 7 January 2012

Remember You're Rubbish

Toddler has developed a couple of hilarious/terrifying traits.

I now seem to be subject to a three strikes and you’re out rule when it comes to having a conversation with her. She’s pretty good with her words and can talk at great length but some of it isn’t always exactly clear. Her patience wears thin. For example:

Me: Sorry? You want to eat a piece of ham?
Toddler: No daddy! Vlam.
Me: Jam?
Toddler: No! Vlam.
Me: Spam?
Toddler: Och, you’re rubbish! (Toddler wanders off to speak to Wife-features instead.)

The other trait is her memory. It turns out she remembers things from ages ago. We now have to be careful what we say, do and promise in front of her. Recently we were having a laugh about me being ‘rubbish’ at something but couldn’t remember what it was only for Toddler to look up and calmly remind us it was my ability to apply icing to a digestive biscuit - something we’d tried several weeks earlier. Yikes.

Also, putting the Christmas decorations away the other day I used a ladder to access the loft and Toddler stood at the bottom, pointed up and said: “I want to play with my ball pit.” Some six to nine months previously we’d stuffed the paddling pool and its 200 coloured balls into the loft and assumed she’d forgotten about it. We assumed wrong.

I only hope she didn’t overhear me making that new year’s resolution about eating less cheese. It’s Saturday and we’re off the deli…

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