Saturday, 7 January 2012

Night Night Veggies

An emotional day today, handing over the keys to our allotment.

Thanks to yours truly accepting a job in another part of the country, we're attempting to disentangle all the healthy roots we'd started to put down in the Brighton of the North so we can swiftly relocate to the Athens of the North. (I'm hoping Edinburgh's nickname relates to its reputation for great thinkers rather than feeble political leaders and rioting in the streets.)

There's a fair sized waiting list for allotments in Nairn so we can be sure our bit of mud will be passed into eager hands wielding rakes. We put a lot of work into the plot when we took it on back in the spring. It quickly went from being scrub ground to muddy ground to stuff you'd be happy planting veg in with bags and bags of rubbish at the side. I only managed to get the last of the those bags (containing Carslberg cans, rubber hosing and rubble) to the dump today.

The leaves have fallen off the surrounding trees, creating mulch heaven. A friendly robin kept following me about as if he were saying goodbye. For old times' sake I dug up a bit of ground to give him some worms. Ah, pecked worms. I'm such a softie.

I think I'm right in saying we haven't bought any tatties in the past six months and we still have curly kale in the fridge. I'm hoping we’re only saying a temporary bye-bye to homegrown veggies and once we're settled down the road we can literally put down a few roots/tubers again.

We've started to pack boxes and are being brutal about what's coming with us. We've accumulated so much stuff over the years. I started out thinning my vast record collection seeing what I'd be happy to part with. This didn't seem to make much difference to the CD mountain so I've begun tackling it from the other aspect - packing away the albums that I definitely want to hang on to. What's left is sickeningly large and I dread to think how much I spent acquiring them but now they're on their way to good homes, some of them earning us a few bob.

In our living room we had four large bookcases of books. These have been whittled down to one and a half with about one bookcase-worth packed for transit and the other one and a half dispatched for charity shops.

But Toddler's toys are where my eyes keep falling and I wonder how on earth we can scoop up every last piece of jigsaw or plastic Peppa Pig character. Slowly but surely we’ll get there.

The bigger issue is how we explain what’s happening to Toddler. She’s clearly twigged something’s going on. Our big jump south is possible because she’s only two and a half - hopefully she’ll make new friends easily. I wouldn’t have considered the move if she were in nursery or school.

We thought we had a place secured in Edinburgh but estate agents being the lizards they sometimes are it all fell through and we’re back to square one with only a few weeks till my new gig starts. We had planned to show Toddler some photos of the area we’d be moving to, including a super park round the corner, but that idea’s on hold now.

Wish us luck!

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