Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Inverness-Nairn Cycle Link - The Uphill Struggle Continues

Some of you keener blog readers down the front who’ve been taking notes will recall my enthusiasm for a safer, more direct cycle route between Inverness and Nairn. Progress is slowly being made on this project of social, economic and environmental importance (or whimsy depending on your view) and I’m dreading the thought of having to fill in mammoth funding application forms to make it a reality. But that’s hopefully where it’s headed.
I secured backing for the idea from Nairn’s three community councils, VisitNairn, Historic Scotland who run Fort George, Fergus Ewing and David Stewart MSPs and Sandy Park convener of Highland Council, although Sandy seems to think development in the A96 Corridor will take care of it.

Meantime Highland Council are trying to develop a coastal path between Inverness and Nairn and this could provide one of the key links for a cycle route - helping cyclists get from the outskirts of Inverness at either Allanfearn or Balloch the short distance across to Castle Stuart where they can follow the coastal B road to Ardersier and then to Delnies and Nairn.

Sustrans the national sustainable transport charity are supportive but I’m seriously worried for them as the SNP government has slashed funding for sustainable transport. Mr Swinney’s budget is roads, roads, roads. Disappointing.

Joining Highland Cycle Campaign has really helped me make progress on the Inverness-Nairn issue. If you feel strongly about cycling please give HCC your support and tell us what to tackle next.

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