Sunday, 16 October 2011

What We Did On Our Holidays

Wife-features, Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed and Green Dad are not long back from a few days on the Scottish Riviera aka East Lothian.

On our not very Green holiday (we drove as we had to visit relatives not near train stations and also didn't fancy the prospect of a three and a half hour journey in a cramped carriage with no pauses for air or exercise - but maybe next time we'll let the train take the strain, break up the journey a bit and by then TWMBO will be able to lug her own luggage) we saw...

5 tractors
23 squirrels (all grey unfortunately)
1 enormous slab of chocolate truffle cake
1 greedy daddy (me)
100,000 gannets (on the Bass Rock)
10,000 geese (approximately - they were flying overhead at sunset - what a sight!)
10 pound notes being exchanged for a plate of macaroni with only five pence change given
16 speeding motorists using dual carriageway bits of the A9 to go faster than 60mph
26 speeding motorists going faster than 70mph on the M90
1 amazing red humpbacked railway bridge across the Forth
17 twenty pence pieces fed into an on street ticket machine in Edinburgh giving ninety seconds of parking time
15 Hawick Mint Balls (blimey, sweets are £1.10 per 100 grams these days - what happened to fifty pence a quarter?)
A billion Pringle jumpers (can you tell we stayed in North Berwick?)
1 Law (with 1 fibreglass whale's jawbone at the top) and we didn't have time to climb it. Sigh. Next time...

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