Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trump Dreads Dreadlocks

Maybe it's his weird combover.

This piece in the Sunday Herald is fascinating.

Donald Trump - property tycoon, rare habitat trasher and bullier of pensioners - seems to think Grampian Police are his own private protection detail.

I particularly liked his company's demand to know how the bobbies would react to "a dreadlocked individual in combats on the estate in the middle of the night”.

Dreads are so 90s eco protest. Modern day environmentalists look like policemen. Doesn't Trump keep up with the news?

A quick reminder You've Been Trumped is showing at Nairn Community Centre this Monday night (3 Oct) at 8.30pm. Tickets are only £4 (£3 if you're under 18 or have a Cinema Nairn loyalty card). I saw it at Eden Court last night and was genuinely amazed and shocked to see the golf resort development from the residents' point of view.

Best bit in the film? So many to choose from but possibly the bit where the boss of STV is caught meeting Trump and describes local people as less intelligent than a dog.

After the Eden Court screening an audience member asked why there weren't people lying down in front of the bulldozers and why there wasn't wall to wall media coverage as work started. Proximity to Glasgow or London seems to be the answer. It's just a bunch of sand dunes on the west coast (Trump's words) of Scotland. Who cares?

Please show you care by going along to the Nairn screening and telling all your pals so we can prevent this sort of thing happening again.

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