Monday, 3 October 2011

The Sunniest Town In Scotland

Nairn should try trademarking that claim. It must be true.

Best climate? Yes. Not so sure about the 'sailing marine'.
Today I'm down in the central belt for work and everyone's huddled in jumpers trading stories about how miserable, cold and wet their weekends were. In contrast I'm a wee bit sunburnt, covered in a late burst of freckles and full of anecdotes about skimming stones on a sapphire-blue flat-calm expanse of firth ollowed by miles of barefoot walking in the sand, topped off with a quickly melting ice cream treat.

To be fair it looked quite gloomy in the morning but after lunch what a transformation!

Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed had a whale of a time. She's pretty brave when it comes to paddling and we have to keep reminding her to hold mummy or daddy's hand if she's in the water. It doesn't take much of a wave to give her a wee fright.

A balmy day at the beach in October? Not a shaggy dog story, trust me.
She loves the wet sand and sinking her feet into it. And she also discovered the joys of handstands. Ably assisted and encouraged by yours truly.

We really made the most of it; after all the tabloids have been predicting snow in October. Wife-features has been knitting like a Wallace and Gromit cyborg in recent months so we're ready for any frosty onslaught. Indeed we set out for the beach wearing kagouls and woolly mitts but these were soon peeled back.

But I bet the Indian Summer won't last. My reasoning? I'm on holiday next week. Blizzards ahoy!

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