Sunday, 18 September 2011

Toddler Pipes Up

A definite highlight of this weekend was Toddler's reaction to seeing me appear in the living room before I headed out to the aforeblogged Alastair McGowan dinner.

I was wearing my kilt (17 years on from its purchase it still fits - if I breathe in quite a bit and shun the dessert course), brogues, socks with flashes, Argyll jacket and tartan tie.

Toddler said: "Daddy play the bagpipes?"

Er, no. I really felt I'd let her down.

She turns to Glan (babysitter for the evening) and asks: "Daddy play the bagpipes?"

Wife-features then enters the room ready to head off to Pipling-style Yogo (hence the need for Glan to babysit) and Toddler again asks: "Daddy play the bagpipes?"

Laughter all round and a confused kid in the middle of it. Her query was quite understandable. During the summer we kept bumping into pipers in full Teuchter regalia - at the Games, the farm show, etc.

She even does an amazingly accurate impression of a piper if you ask her nicely. One arm is pumped vigourously by the elbow while a loud "eeehhhhh" droning noise escapes the side of her mouth.

There's only one way forward. I cannot disappoint my wee girl. The neighbours are gonna love me...

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