Friday, 30 September 2011

Piglet, Puddleduck And Sweet Pea

Union Canal at Ratho
These cutesy-pie names weren't discovered during a trip to a fluffy animal sanctuary; instead I came across them while working in a roughish bit of West Lothian.

Ratho. Perfectly charming to my eye as I breezed into the village on my bike, pausing for a Mackies mint choc chip cone on one of the balmiest days of the year. But I'm told it has a bit of a reputation. "You can walk from one end of the village to the other and never leave a crime scene." I am assuming self deprecating humour is deployed by the natives.

Canal marker. Why don't we say 'betwixt' anymore?
Piglet, Puddleduck and Sweet Pea were the names of three barges moored on the Union Canal at Ratho, adding to the dreamy atmosphere of my trip.

I had work to do at Ratho and in true Green Dad style made the trip from The North to Edinburgh by train, taking my bike. From Edinburgh Park station it’s only 7 miles along the canal path to Ratho. A quiet, flat 20 minute ride in glorious weather. Meanwhile many of my colleagues probably endured jams on the city bypass.

I hadn’t expected the fine conditions so my cycling was a bit slower what with my saddle bags weighed down with waterproof jackets, gloves and woolly hats! It is Scotland and it is almost October after all.

Edinburgh City Bypass viewed from Union Canal at 5.30pm
Temperatures aside, it is that time of year. Namely the time of year to panic about losing your bicycle lights. I swear I must have about fifteen pairs of lights but come each October I can never find them and have to buy new ones. The other morning when Toddler jabbed me awake and dragged me through to the dining room for a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs I opened the blind to discovered the sun hadn’t risen yet. And it was 7am.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent...

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