Friday, 9 September 2011

Letting The Sides Down

Great events in world history: The fall of the Berlin Wall; The first man on the moon; South Africa elects a black president; The sides come off our Toddler’s cot.

Okay, so perhaps that last item isn’t worthy of rolling TV news coverage but in our household it’s dramatic stuff.

Wife-features caught TWMBO with a leg over one of the side bars of her cot. Can you climb out of there? Yes, came the reply, in a tone of voice basically saying Duhh, of course I can!

The following morning I set about the cot with one of my many allen keys (got four bikes? You too will have an allen key in every pocket), reducing it to a wee bed. I say reducing but of course it’s really an upgrade.

In recent months TWMBO has occasionally woken up early and lies in her cot yelling for mum and.or dad to get up. I took the view that having her get out of her bed and run through to ours to poke us in the eyes to wake us up would be a more pleasant way to greet the day.

It hasn’t quite worked out like that - so far. In fact the other night it took several attempts to persuade her to stay in her bed. She kept coming through to the living room, on one occasion making herself comfy between mum and dad and when asked what she thought she was doing simply said Sitting, again with that Duhh tone.

Maybe I interpreted it rather than her inferring it. She is after all only two and a half.

It’s yet another watershed moment on a gloriously bumpy but rewarding journey. If you start to notice blog posts badly typed you can assume I’ve had my morning wake up call, aka a poke in the eye.

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