Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Highland Councillors Know Which Way The Wind's Blowing

Well this is depressing. Highland councillors have formally objected to plans for a wind farm at Druim Ba near Kiltarlity.

They say it would have threatened a tourist area. No it wouldn't. It's a really boring bit of plantation and the wind farm would have opened it up, creating walking and cycling tracks. Oh, and clean energy rather than the alternative "do nothing" offered by the NIMBYs.

Hopefully Scottish Government will show some backbone and give it the OK.

A senior politician once told me: There's a time for leading and there's a time for following.

Clearly the councillors feel it's a time for following. The NIMBYs have been vocal and there's an election just a few months away.

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    I was feeling sorry for Butcher this morning hearing him on the radio saying all his players are injured and "the first eleven off the bus" will be his team on Saturday. But now I hope the bus breaks down.