Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Four Wheels Good; Two Wheels Bad?

Or so you'd believe if you followed the logic in the Scottish Government's spending review.

Wading through the stats I notice spending on motorways and trunk roads is set to go up from £557m this year to £700m in 2014 while over the same period spending on "sustainable and active travel" (which includes cycling) is set to drop from £25m to £15m.

Patrick Harvie of the Greens sums it up smartly: "Concrete trophies."


  1. My impression is that the SNP are less into the "modal-shift" and are more pro-motoring than the Libs or Labs.

    In their first term much was made of removing tolls on bridges, parking charges at hospitals, the 2nd Forth Road Bridge replacement rather than mending the existing one. There was steady cutting of the already meagre spending on active travel (only put up again to previous levels just prior the 2011 election following campaigning by SPOKES and TransForm Scotland).

    If you look at their historic constituencies they have tended to be reasonably wealthy and rural so I suspect their voters are more likely to be car owners than for other parties.

  2. My experience of dealing with Nats is they see cycling as a hobby. The notion of it being practical and beneficial doesn't seem to have occurred to them.