Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tar Sands And Green Lands

"The sense we have is that the oil sands would be developed and there is not going to be any change in greenhouse gas emissions with the pipeline or without the pipeline because these oil sands will be developed anyway."

What an utterly bizarre excuse given by President Obama's assistant secretary of state for an environmentally damaging tar sands oil pipeline.

Surely the US and Canada could, er, not develop the tar sands?

Meanwhile this piece in the FT is fascinating - a look at the race for oil off Greenland. It's the world's biggest island but with a population less than Inverness. A chance to grow the economy of the arctic Danish dependency? Or a way of furthering climate change and risking pollution to the important fishing industry?

It's weird isn't it? Everyone knows fossil fuels are bad so why do we keep going after them?

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