Monday, 15 August 2011

Speed Isn't Everything You Know

News here about hopes of speeding up the train service between the central belt and Inverness.

Sounds OK but is shaving a few minutes off the journey time the answer? (What's the question?)

The journey is always going to be a long one so what's really needed is a more comfortable kind of train. With a bit of legroom and wi-fi and a buffet car and compartments and Celia Johnson. (OK, I'm getting carried away.)

And a wee drop in prices would be useful, along with more space for bikes. I had to nip to Stirling for work today so didn't take my bike in case it was thrown off - you have to pre-book at least 24 hours before departure. The ticket cost about £70. Eek.

Oh, and I had to drive from Nairn to get the service from Inverness as there isn't a train into the Highland Capital before half seven in the morning. Ridiculous. What's David Stewart doing about that I wonder?

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