Thursday, 11 August 2011

Organic Exodus?

"In the past decade, Scotland has experienced the biggest exodus in organic producers, with 189,000Ha either in organic production or in conversion last year, compared with 429,000Ha in 2002."

More on the slowdown in the organic movement on the Guardian website here.

Not long ago I blogged about the joy of discovering organic food at the same price or in some cases slightly cheaper than the chemically-rich variety in the Co-op. I took a trip to Nairn's new out-of-town Sainsbury's the other day and couldn't help noticing the very significant mark up for organic products. For example, a stalk of broccoli was 40p more. Any wonder it puts people off in these austere times?

Oh, and those chemicals don't guarantee freshness. We bought a non-organic cucumber that had turned to brown mush with a day.

Thankfully our homegrown tomato plants have started to flower. Mmm, mmm.

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