Monday, 15 August 2011

Light At End Of Wind Tunnel For Druim Ba Plans?

I've blogged before about the perfectly sensible proposal for a wind farm at Druim Ba between Kiltarlity and Drumnadrochit.

The Scottish Government is considering the scheme and Highland Council have to come up with their own formal opinion to add to the mix. If the government give the OK it gets planning permission regardless of the council's opinion.

The council have previous on this issue - officials recommending approval and members wimping out. As it again falls to a bunch of politicians, many of whom face an election in nine months, I suspect they'll follow the noise-makers and give it the thumbs down rather than provide leadership and show the Highlands is serious about generating sustainable, renewable energy. I would dearly love my expectation to be confounded.

The council tell me their planning committee will meet on 20 September for a site visit and a discussion before coming to a decision on an opinion. If only we had some Greens on the council to show a bit of backbone!

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