Monday, 22 August 2011

Lairds, Tories And Wind

A couple of articles in the Herald highlight the lunacy of many wind farm objectors.

Check out Struan Stevenson's comments. The Tory MEP (can you name all six of your MEPs? That's right. We all have six - they represent all of Scotland) has used a completely inappropriate word in the fine tradition of right-wing foot-in-mouth buffoonery.

And here's a piece about how wind farms generate lots of money for rich landowners. People who object to renewable energy on the grounds it makes money for lairds are looking at the issue the wrong way round. Wind farms work and can help with our sustainable energy mix but the fact Scotland's land is owned by a handful of toffs and rich foreigners shouldn't be barrier. Instead we should be asking why the heck our land isn't owned by us.

Here's an idea. Where studies show land is good for wind the local community should be involved in any development, sharing any revenue with the landowner and getting involved with the development. It's a fact that wind farm developments with an element of community ownership always get planning permission. If we're serious about greening our energy supply why aren't we making land ownership and community involvement easier?

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