Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Inverness Bikes About To Become Cubes?

Here's a sad image I spotted at Inverness train station today - a bike with a ticket slapped on it.

Not a parking fine but a warning from Scotrail that the cycle has been deemed 'abandoned' and will be removed in the next day or so. About a dozen bikes seemed to have these stickers. Thank goodness I was away on my bike today or who knows!

I do wonder if the bikes are being removed to create more space or if there's a grander plan. The cycle facilities at the station are pretty rubbish. Indeed there are many signs around the place discouraging people from parking their bikes and there's only one small covered area.

Anyway, if you've suddenly remembered you had a bike and last saw it when you parked it up before going to the pub in Inverness one night I'd find that padlock key sharpish before your two wheeled steed is crushed into a cube and used for shoring up a railway embankment.

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