Monday, 1 August 2011

Goodbye, Chocolate Face

It’s true what they say: be careful what you say in front of the kids.

Today Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed instructed Green Gran and I to wheel her into the bookshop to pay Uncle T-bo a visit.

You see, some of our friends have star quality and bookseller T-bo is a real celeb in TWMBO’s eyes. The first sighting of him results in a hushed gasping of his name and a slow creeping up on him, too shy to say hello, instead waiting for him to turn around and notice she’s there.

Ikki is another such awe-inspirer and TWMBO has almost literally been doing star jumps at the prospect of going to visit her by ferry. An hour long Calmac ferry ride an exciting prospect? Toddler is only two so it’s understandable. So why am I equally excited? I’m 34 and a half.

Anyway, once we’d chewed up plenty of Uncle T-bo’s time (the backlog of books had really begun to mount - if only people would stop writing for a bit booksellers could put their feet up and we’d all get a chance to catch up on what’s on the shelves) Toddler busied herself with some Potter toys. Not Harry. Beatrix.

Another wee girl was playing with them and over the course of five minutes or so TWMBO was comfortable sharing and I’m sure the two of them would have hit it off but sadly the wee girl, who’d recently enjoyed a biscuit or sweetie by the looks of things, had to go.

Her mum beckoned her away with the words: Time to go home. C’mon chocolate face…

As the wee girl was led out of the shop I heard TWMBO say earnestly: Goodbye, Chocolate Face.

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