Tuesday, 16 August 2011

"Ask A Question, Win A Headline"

Excellent commentary from the Gurn on David "Call me Dave" Stewart MSP getting some publicity by asking what Highland MSPs and councillors and community councillors should have asked flipping ages ago: why the delay with the Nairn bypass and A96 dualling?

With my Highland Cycle Campaign helmet on I asked Transport Scotland this question some months back prompting their worrying answer. This was picked up by the Inverness Courier. And with lightning speed here we are mid August with politicians realising they need to catch up and sound concerned.

A bypass for Nairn is vital for safety and air quality in the town. I don't really care about a dual A96. Better trains and buses and cycle links are most important of all. And what are our dear leaders doing about that? (Cue tumbleweeds...)

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