Sunday, 24 July 2011

Trains Starting To Feel The Strain?

Interesting figures here in the FT about the increase in rail travel due to rocketing petrol prices.

I've definitely noticed more folk getting the train into Inverness since I resumed my commute by rail at the start of the year. And the trains out of Aberdeen at teatime are routinely jam packed. Last time I had to stand as far as Keith! (Thankfully he got off at Huntly. Ho ho.)

If more of us are using the trains we should lobby for improvements. Particularly on commuter routes such as the Elgin/Forres/Nairn-Inverness service. In December an extra train will get into Inverness at 8.15am. A welcome addition but what we really need is cheaper tickets (like the other routes into Inverness enjoy - for example it is literally pennies to commute from Beauly), earlier and later trains, a ban on boozed up hen parties and demob happy riggers and easier access to the southside platforms at Nairn and Elgin.

The Scotrail franchise is due for renewal in the next couple of years and there'll be a consultation soon to gather views. So, next time you're on the train have a think what would make it easier/cheaper/better and fire off a letter to those in charge. If you don't ask you don't get!

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