Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Plonkers Who Plank And Get Tanked On Our Trains

I feel really sorry for the folk on the Inverness-Glasgow train mentioned in this story in the P&J.

I've blogged before about how train journeys can be ruined by screeching hen parties and bladdered blokes.

Scotrail have no plans to improve the situation.

Fergus Ewing MSP agrees with me it's a problem.

Transport Minister Keith Brown says train staff have to power to deal with these situations and he points out the Scotrail franchise is up for renewal soon and there will be a consultation.

Given how important rail travel is becoming thanks to increasing petrol prices and the wider green agenda let's at least try to make it a pleasant option. Rather than rely on train staff dealing with anti-social situations (not that they ever do) they should prevent these characters getting on the train in the first place.

And you can bet I'll be chipping my views into that consultation when it pops up.

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