Wednesday, 6 July 2011

King Car's Crown Is Slipping

It seems the penny is finally dropping for some folk.

Petrol isn't going to get any cheaper and the roads aren't going to get any easier to negotiate.

During the recent work on the Kessock Bridge a lot of people shared cars, took the bus or train or cycled.

Interestingly the Inverness Courier wrote a leader column calling for more to be done to make these options easy all the time and not just during emergency repairs.

Here's what they wrote.

They've followed it up with a scoop - the study into the route of the A96 dual carriageway between Inverness and Nairn, the Nairn bypass and the Inshes flyover has been delayed.

This has prompted a further leader column, here.

At last! A chance to really push for a better train service, a better bus service and decent cycle connections. Or should we just sit back and put up with congestion, accidents, pollution and spiralling costs while the new road takes a decade or two?

I would also argue the Nairn bypass is more important than dualling the A96 and if there were an option to progress one aspect of the work it would be that one. Yet our elected representatives have been strangely silent on it. Is it just me or are our councillors, community councillors and MSPs asleep at the wheel?

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