Saturday, 16 July 2011

Death By Powerpoint

Encouraging news here in the FT about the rise of the Anti-Powerpoint Presentation Party in Switzerland.

Thank goodness - I thought it was just me that hated the visual bullet-pointed slideshow software that brings jargon to life in 16 point Arial font with arrows, graphs and witty clip art.

I remember having to give a presentation to colleagues and simply said a few words, scribbled some salient points on a flipchart and sat back down.

The next guy footered around forever with a USB stick and a dongle and then bamboozled us for half an hour with all sorts of images and lists of upbeat lingo. He may even have used a laser pen to point.

I felt like a hick from the sticks but sometime later a colleague confided that my effort emphasised substance over flash.

I do hope we get back to flipcharts and pens - surely greener than having laptops and projectors constantly humming away - if only for us to enjoy scenes such as the one in Black Books when Fran hasn't a clue what she's doing and draws a circle and a line on a flipchart and bluffs to the board of directors: "Are we or are we not... a company?" And gets a huge round of applause. Genius.

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