Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Blue Bin Monday

So the new blue bins down our way seem to be working OK. That's two alternate Mondays it's been collected. No rioting in the streets over fortnightly green bin collections as the Daily Mail and others might have hoped.

There were some unbelievable grumbles from a few folk complaining that the extra bin for recyclable materials (plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and tin cans but not glass) would be too much in addition to regular green wheelie bins and brown garden waste bins.

These gurners should brace themselves for yet another bin. In Moray the council is rolling out collections of food waste to be collected with garden waste and turned into compost. Of course being Green Dad I've been composting for years. My bin cost a fiver and I walked it home from Crown to almost Dalneigh in Inverness, wearing it like judicial robes.

I'm always amazed how quickly the stuff disappears. Compost bins are like the Tardis - no matter how much grass cuttings you put in they never get full.

Meantime our blue bin is great. It's somewhat reduced the piles of recycling that used to build up at the back door. We still have to waddle to the bottle bank to dispose of glass (Why do some people moan about this? Surely if you can take it home from the shops when it's full you can take it back empty?) and I'm not sure what to do with Tetrapaks as these were previously taken care of at the recycling depot but it's miles away.

Oh for the days when you could just chuck everything on the fire...

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