Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You Wait Ages For An Active Travel Plan Then Four Come Along At Once

Here's an interesting development.

Well, when I say interesting...

And it's not really a development but more stating of the obvious.

Still, it's worth a look if like me you feel strongly about making it easier to get about by means other than a car. Highland Council and Hitrans (the strategic transport partnership for the region - basically a forum, a talking shop) have engaged consultants to look at issues in some communities relating to walking, cycling and public transport.

Dingwall, Inverness, Tain and Nairn are first up.

The Nairn report points out obvious things like the railway and the A96 are barriers to getting about the place. In fact it recommends some crossing points on the A96. I wonder what the gurners against the new traffic lights make of that!

Sadly the report suggests Nairn train station is fine. This fails to address the poor access at Platform Two.

Thankfully it does recognise what a dump the bus "station" is. It's not really a station of course. It's a car park that happens to have a bus shelter in it. A station would have a few shelters or a waiting room, bike racks/lockers, toilets, a town map, timetables for trains as well as buses and some decent lighting. At the moment if you're waiting for a late bus from Nairn you have to read the sole scuffed timetable using the glow from the heat lamps in the nearby chippie.

I'm not entirely sure what moves these travel plans along and gets results. But you can be sure I'll be badgering a few folk and punching their tickets if we don't see some action.  

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