Sunday, 12 June 2011

We Climbed The Giant Inflatable Slide And It All Went Downhill From There

Open Farm Sunday seems to have been a roaring success.

I base this opinion on our experience today in Ardersier and what I heard on the Archers, which involved fictional characters queuing in imaginary droves to eat delicious pretend burgers on a make-believe farm.

In the real world, Ardersier was a hoot.

Or to be precise: 900 clucks, a couple of baas and several 'weeeeeeeee' noises.

We got to sit on an enormous tractor and watch a man operate a JCB. Oooooh.

Donnie Macleod introduced us to his massive flock of hens (I want to say battery but as it's an organic farm they have a huge field to wander about in). Our Toddler was most intrigued. I was too. A number of the birds' shelters have curved sides and sloping roofs. Clearly the chooks lead a double life as Sk8rs. Heaven is a half pipe and a bit of a worm.

Toddler was less taken with the close encounter with the sheep. I suppose that's understandable. From a distance they look like fluffy clouds but when you're standing next to one you realise it's twice the size of a wee kid, has the cold dead eyes of a killer and bleats very loudly indeed.

The star of the show was the giant inflatable slide. Twenty feet high with a slope of about sixty degrees, I have no idea what it had to do with farming.

But after the first terrifying drop Toddler was addicted and buzzing. She was removed at the end of our visit literally in tears.

You often hear stories of kids not knowing where food comes from. They believe fish have fingers and bacon is baked, etc, etc. At least our wee one will be full of the facts.

Teacher: Now then class, who can tell me what grows on a farm?
TWMBO: Miss! I know, I know. Giant inflatable slides.

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