Monday, 13 June 2011

Green campaigners "conservative and unimaginative"?

An interesting outburst here by the former head of Friends of the Earth, basically accusing environmental activists of being out of touch.

There's plenty of food for thought but my overwhelming reaction is to suggest he's out of touch suggesting green campaigners are out of touch.

Just look at the SNP landslide. People (in Scotland anyway) obviously like what King Alec and Co are doing and there will be green-minded folk who approve of the constant repeating of renewable energy goals. But of course Salmond is also wedded to loads more roadbuilding such as a 2nd Forth Bridge, encouraging more oil and gas discoveries and giving planning permission to massive golf courses and out of town supermarkets. How does this square with the green agenda? It doesn't.

So, environmental campaigners aren't out of touch, but rather they're telling truths people don't want to hear. The charisma of our top politicians convinces us we can say green things but still have the un-green comforts of an oil-addicted society.

It'll take something serious before opinion shifts, I reckon. Another banking collapse? Another fuel shortage? Meanwhile Greenpeace will keep heaving protestors at oil rigs in vain.

We're human. We like an easy life here and now. The future? Pah. The kids'll figure it out...

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