Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fracking Nonsense

"Unconventional gas offers huge potential..."

An interesting response from the Scottish Government to this news that a company has been granted three petroleum exploration development licences in the central belt with a view to "fracking" and tapping into shale gas.

Shale gas is worse for the environment than coal. Why the heck are we doing this in a country full of water, wind and waves?

Find out more about the dangers of fracking by checking out the Gaslands film. 


  1. What interested me was an estimate that the amount of gas available via fracking in the UK is equivalent to 18 months current consumption ( That was used to suggest fracking was worthwhile. I don't know how bad fracking is (environmentally) but 18 months of gas supply seems too short as to warrant any significant level of environmental damage. It also made me wonder that we may be in a bit of perilous state regarding gas supply if 18 months is considered a big deal. 18 months' worth is even more unsustainable than our conventional unsustainable fossil fuels.

  2. Indeed. The words 'bottom' and 'barrel' spring to mind!