Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Council Plans For A96 Corridor Greenwash?

Highland Council has a grand plan to develop what it calls the A96 Corridor between Inverness and Nairn.

A lot of that development seems to be taking its time due to the economic climate but it's good to know the authority is trying to figure things out before they happen.

The latest update I've been made aware of is this. It's a set of priorities for what the council is calling a "green network" across the Highlands, with the Inverness-Nairn area first up.

In short it looks like greenwash to me but I suppose it's better than nothing. It throws up all sorts of questions. Such as:

An Inverness-Nairn Coastal Trail: Is this for motorists or will it mean a direct cycle and walking route at long last?

Connections for habitats: Surely tunnels under roads for badgers and rope bridges for squirrels are pretty bog standard?

Positive uses for undeveloped wedges of land: Sandown springs to mind! Give power back to the people I say.

Contributions from greenspace: This is jibberish and when you look closely what the council proposes it wants to ensure new houses with nice views and easy access to woodland and other green spaces fetch a high price. It sounds to me like this 'green' Corridor will be paved with a red carpet to welcome the well off.

I'd like to see an effort made by officials and elected representatives to enagage the public on this stuff rather than hoping the jargon puts everyone off.

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