Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Bicycles matter because they are a catalyst of understanding..."

Deep stuff here on the Sustainable Cities blog.

It reminds me of the excellent diaries by ex-Talking Head David Byrne. He travels the globe taking a wee bike with him. He explains how you experience places differently - often better - on two wheels.

Certainly when I compare my current walk-train-bike commute with a previous all-car journey the differences are startling. You do feel more connected to what's around you, you'll see things you didn't notice before, bump into people you haven't met for ages and arrive at your destination healthier and happier.


  1. I do a multi-modal commute too - what kind of bike do you use? Do you have a folding bike that you take on the train, or do you lock up outside the train station? Also - I read Bicycle Diaries too, and I think David Byrne used a full-size folding bike from Montague - portable yes, compact yes, but wee...I'm not so sure I'd describe them that way (I actually ride a Montague, and it's awesome. I like it better than the small-wheeled folders out there anyway)

  2. I keep a bike at the station.

    I'd never heard of Montagues before. I think you're right about Byrne's bike. Montagues look brilliant but I suspect Wife-features would have something to say if I tried to shoehorn a fifth bike into our shed!