Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tram Fine Idea ... For Inverness?

An interesting article here in The Ecologist. Well, interesting if you're a public transport nerd like me and can't stand those luddite Edinburgh types who whinge about The Trams.

For some time I've thought Inverness could do with a tram line. Just imagine - it could run from SNH at Craig Dunain down to the canal (handy for the tourists hopping on the Jacobite Cruises), along Glenurquhart Rd (passing the Aquadome, council HQ and Eden Court), across the bridge, along the High St and out Millburn Road to the Retail Park to connect with the new rail halt at Beechwood University campus.

I am such a dreamer! Must be all the car exhaust fumes going my head. As usual.


  1. There is the small matter of payment for the tram infrastructure if it were to be built in Inverness, but perhaps Transport Scotland know of cash floating about now that Sainsbury's have paid for all the traffic lights in Nairn?

    I understand that Bilfinger Berger might be free soon if you really do want to inflict trams upon the gateway to the Highlands, I'm sure the work wouldn't take longer than that in Edinburgh, would it?

  2. Maybe it's because you are a dreamer Green Dad but you are not the only one!
    Could just keep going with branch lines to Tornagrian and Carse city.
    Just a minute didn't some forward thinking people once build a railway line down to Ardersier?

  3. Our railways were once a network to be proud of, then one Dr Beeching caught a whiff of choo choo steam and they were done for

    "Oh! Dr. Beeching, what have you done?
    There once were lots of trains to catch, but soon there will be none!
    I'll have to buy a bike, 'cause I can't afford a car.
    Oh! Dr. Beeching! What a naughty man you are!"

    Just think of all the traffic lights would have to be added if Nairn was to get trams

  4. From a purist's point of view it is my understanding that if the same amount of money (as a tram) were spent on cycle lanes, cycle parking, pedestrian crossings and bus lanes (e.g. on the Kessock Bridge) a much greater modal shift would be achieved. Also tram lines and bikes don't mix too well (wheels getting caught) - although I imagine that cyclists can learn how to deal with tram lines after a while. However from a non-purist's point of view, trams are just sexier than bus lanes and the likes.

  5. Sexy trams? Bring back branch lines? We need to get out more!

    In seriousness, a revival of old train stations would be wonderful. Imagine the tourism potential from getting a train to Ardersier, a look around Fort George and then a wee boat across to Chanonry Point to spot the dolphins. I'd also love to see the station at Brodie brought back into use. My intake of cream cakes would go through the roof.

    As for cycle lanes if there were a direct route between Inverness and Nairn I bet quite a few folk would use it. At the moment the national cycle route is about 28 miles and weaves up and down the hills behind Cawdor. It's a nonsense. I would happily cycle to Inverness during the summer months if it was only 15 miles and avoided busy roads - and I could get a shower upon arrival.

    Cyclists! We want the moon on a stick.

  6. Greendad.
    I totally agree with you with regard an Inverness-Nairn cycle route. I believe there is an old road between Inverness and Ardersier along the shore which could play a part.
    In the days when I got political in your area I persuaded Cllr Bob Wynd to involve walking and cycling reps on his A9 committee. Lack of staying power on my part means I no longer know what happened to that. If you had time it might be worth you contacting Bob Wynd to ask him and offer yourself as an interested party in any discussions.