Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Swings And Roundabouts

The other day was one of mixed fortunes. I arrived home to discover a traffic warden having a chat with Wife-features on the doorstep. (I can hear the pantomime boos and hisses already.)

Some moons ago when we flitted to where we are in the Brighton of the North we noticed signs in the street advising of permit parking but noticed no-one seemed to have a permit. And sure enough when we spoke to our new neighbours and even the local traffic warden himself it turned out it wasn't necessary. Hooray we thought - one fewer form to fill in! (Please note: not one 'less' form but one 'fewer'. Supermarkets in particular should be advised. Your signs should read 9 items or fewer, not less.)

Sadly the old warden has moved on and a new, by-the-book variety has ridden into town to teach us small hicks how traffic management is really done.

To me it seemed the easiest answer was to take down the permit signs but it was too late - the warning sticker had been slapped on the car. Wife-features obtained a form for a permit today (the fee is £1) which means I now have to mine the paper mountain at the back of the house to find the shiny, rare and incredibly valuable car registration document. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho...

Oh, but on the plus side Scotrail sent me a cheque for five quid.

Remember ages ago I said I'd had a gurn about poor access at Nairn train station and they didn't bother to reply? Apparently they had some technical gremlins so the £5 was to say sorry for not replying sooner. And as for my query about improving access? No, they have no plans.

So, using the railway station's a hassle, parking outside my house is a hassle... I'm about to head off on my bike for a meeting. Whatever bureaucratic hurdle awaits me I hope I can jump it!


  1. Hope you all get sorted with permits before the "period of grace" expires. Parking £50 per day outside Green Dad's house?

  2. Perhaps Graisg Green Dad should follow your very green example and not own a car. Parking problem solved and the planet helped out at the same time!

  3. Before Toddler arrived we survived without a car. We're almost at the stage where we'd manage without again.

    Re parking permit - it was hilarious. They don't accept cash at the Nairn Courthouse any more so my offer of a pound coin was refused and I had to whip out some plastic. And I had to return to repeat the exercise when Wife-features pointed out we should have got a permit for any visitors too. The permits are wee scraps of paper. Wife-features is firing up the Laminator...

    On the way back from the Courthouse (on both occasions) I couldn't help noticing all the vehicles that park in our street on the single yellow line (no parking between 8am and 6pm).

  4. Yes I've heard it actually takes longer to process plastic than it did cash. And I gather that Highland Council cannot hide from real money no matter how much they try - someone has to figure out what to do with the cash from the washing machines at MacLean Court it seems :-)