Friday, 20 May 2011

Stop The Pigeon!

Tragedy has struck. Readers of a nervous disposition should look away now.

Something has eaten my broccoli. And my cauliflowers.


These lovely leafy baby vegetables were only in the ground a few weeks and had such a promising life ahead of them (get bigger, get dug up, get made into soup) and it’s been cut horribly short by a winged vermin.

No, not seagulls, but pigeons.

I spotted one on my plot from across the allotment site today and blimey it was about the size of a capercaillie (regular Green Dad readers know these as “turkey-sized birds”) but it flapped off when I started to head over.

It seems there are a few pigeons down our way and they’ve had a good munch of everything going. And there was contemplating going to Nairn’s Tradeway hardware store to see if I could hire a Wallace and Gromit style BunVac 6000 to humanely remove any pests of the cotton-tail variety.

The broccoli and caulis were nibbled away so neatly. But hey-ho, this is allotmenteering is pioneering stuff. I think Toddler Who Must Be Obeyed will be persuaded to visit a garden centre this weekend to help Daddy choose some new fodder. Meantime some netting has been purchased so I’m ready to raise a force field if the pigeons take a fancy to anything else.

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