Thursday, 26 May 2011

PAP Set To Pop Up Again

There are occasions when I do wonder why the heck I'm not a veggie. I'm such a sucker for a tasty bit of meat. Today the butcher had a special offer on liver and bacon. Mmm.

When I tuck in to my tea I'll try to put out of my mind this report which suggests we're about to see the lifting of the ban on feeding "non-ruminant PAP to pigs and poultry". (PAP = Processed Animal Protein, aka the yukky bits although not the brain, not the brain!)

In short, fairly soon you could be tucking in to some pork from a pig fed on chicken entrails or a chicken fed on pig remnants. I bet you really wanted to know that!


  1. I would have thought that a vegetarian or even better a vegan diet would be the choice of a green person?

  2. Wife-features used to be veggie and can't do beef. And doesn't like the idea of eating anything fluffy like lamb. So our intake of meat is pretty limited. I also don't do dairy although pretty regularly fall off the wagon and binge on stinky cheese.

    Being veggie can mean a smaller carbon footprint. Maybe I'll make the jump when Toddler eventually asks where the sausage in sausage rolls comes from. Any day now probably...

  3. I remember going down to Donnie's Green Centre at Ardersier years ago for a meeting about organic food etc. Had to sit through two hours of folk talking about meat and slaughtering organic food. Made my excuses and left at the first opportunity.