Friday, 13 May 2011

Man In A Shed

"Leave your house; come into my shed.
Please stop my world from raining through my head.
Please don't think I'm not your sort.
You'll find that sheds are nicer than you thought."

Ah, there's a Nick Drake lyric for everything, isn't there?

The allotment is progressing nicely. Massive thanks to a couple of the neighbours for putting together The Shed while I was away. Life seems so calm viewed from here...


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  2. It is amazing how things are progressing down at Mill Road. The plots at Mill Road area all taken now but anyone interesting in having an allotment then contact the Allotment Society and join the waiting list. The Society is campaigning for more allotments at Sandown and wants the planners to insist that all new housing schemes in Nairnshire are provided with allotments. We are also looking for land that owners can no longer manage themselves or would be willing to rent to the Society.
    If you support the those aims of the Society then please get involved, we need peoples' support to pursuade the authorities to proceed with more allotments.